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My Handy Dandy Little Rice Cooker 
Growing up in the Philippines meant eating rice 3 maybe 4 times a day. We ate snow white, aromatic, delicious  rice and not nutty , chewy brown rice. We had it in the morning with eggs, salted fish and sometimes canned sausages, corned beef and fried luncheon meat (Spam). For lunch and dinner we would have it with either seafood or meat and always with veggies. Sometimes in between meals we had chocolate rice drizzled with sweet condensed milk or sprinkled with tiny bits of salty fish. Or rice cooked in broth flavored with chicken, garlic and ginger on a rainy day. It was heavenly. Comfort food at it’s best. We still have white rice occasionally. Brown rice slowly took it’s place which was not well received by some more than others. I guess our health is more important than satisfying our taste buds. And, of course, we can always have pasta. Then came quinoa. God bless  quinoa! It’s no white rice but it’s much more appetizing. It has a very mild taste , fluffy and it kind of reminds one of tiny tapioca. And it’s good for you! I still cook white rice at least once  week because it makes my husband’s day. It also brings back many wonderful childhood memories .

“Most of our childhood is stored not in photos, but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet.” Alaid de Bottom via sorakeem

In my case, it’s rice!

What I Did Today
1. Drew a poor shivering snowman.
2. Got movin’. A little Zumba, a little yoga. Because, you know, gotta stay         loose and limber.:)
3. Chores. There are always chores to do.
4. Watched an episode of Bones. There’s a reason why this show is on it’s     9th season.
5. Had Chicken Barley soup for dinner.
     1 cup = 3 points. Yummy!
6. Drank 3 big mugs of coffee.

This is not George Washington.
This French dude is Georges Danton, a speaker who was pro French Revolution.
He was such an amazing and convincing speaker that the authorities eventually denied him his right to speak. Why do you need to know this? You don’t really but Mr. Gregory said to draw everything. An opened  World History textbook was on the table in front of me so there you go.

View from Above
What we learned about competitive swimming:
– Swimmers are always in the pool (6 days a week- 2 hour practices).
– Swimmers can eat and eat and eat.
– Swimming teaches organization, discipline ,hard work and  responsibility.
– Being a swim parent means getting used to very warm indoor temps, the strong chlorine aroma and sitting and waiting for a long while only to cheer on your swimmer for a teeny fraction of that time.
– Just be supportive because swimming is hard.

PS The things that look like bats in the pool are swimmers.:)

First entry.
What I wore today.
I think it’s wise to invest in a few snazzy outerwear and boots. After all, that’s all people see most of the time. I change outfits everyday but as soon as I put on my black coat and brown boots no one can tell  I’m not wearing the same outfit underneath!  Maybe invest in different colored jeans too?  Too much effort for a trip to the store or sitting in the car outside of Carmel.

So, I am a forty something woman with womanly woes. I don’t know what to do about these woes. Exercise they say and sleep. Not enough. Enter Kari, my best friend of many, many years. She’s a brave and talented blogger and I personally think she should write a Dear Kari column. “Blogging is a great release,” she said. “Release is good but I can’t do it,” I said. Writing overwhelms me and every time I make an attempt I start censoring myself. No free flow. Way too much thinking going on. “I love drawing,” I said, “What can I do with that?” She says there are bloggers who draw in their blogs. I did some research and sure enough there’s an outlet for people like me. I can draw my story and maybe write a little bit here and there! Perfect. And so here we are.

Here is the link to bff Kari’s awesome blog