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This person sat in front of my mom in church this morning. FYI, my mom is a petite woman. I must say that his hair was very distracting. He wasn’t noisy nor did he have an offensive smell but his hair was enormous. It’s like Hagrid sat in front of her. I have never been distracted by hair while in church before. It’s usually noisy kids and grownups, people who fidget from the beginning until the end of service and women who wear inappropriate clothing such as teens who wear tube tops in the summer so when they sit down they look like they have nothing on who agitate me. This was a first for me. But, more power to him for embracing his fro. All are welcome after all in His house. I will have to be on the look out for him in church this summer. I don’t want to find out how big his hair can get when it’s humid. Well, OK, I’m kind of curious to see how poofy it can get.


This is our mini library formerly known as playroom. There used to be a big birdcage where the lamp and plant now reside. We’ve lost all of our zebra finches. It’s pretty quiet now but a lot less messy. I didn’t  know birds can make that much mess! Anyway, the artworks above are my girls’. They’re young women now so this makes them even more precious to me. They will forever be displayed on that wall.

Something Cute At The Auto Show


So my husband, teen daughter and I went to the Auto Show on Valentine’s Day. i know what you’re thinking. I was thinking the same thing. It’s like one mind. Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Some of the cars were actually pretty cool specially the concept cars. The Mercedes Benz Smart Electric Drive aka Smart Car (see drawing above)in particular caught me eye. Now I’m all for being kind to the environment but driving this itty bitty car would be the death of me. It’s cute though, don’t you think? Afterwards we had lunch at Frontera Grill, a Mexican restaurant owned by award winning chef Rick Bayless. It was my first time dining there. My impression? Quite tasty but a tad pricey. I had the Street Food Trio which is basically a sampler. I would go back but I would order an entree. It’s hard to formulate an opinion after having had a sampler. Overall we had a fun Valentine’s Day!

Del Seoul on North Clark in Chicago is a gem. I’ve only been there once but I’m definitely going back. Their fish tacos, more specifically Sambai Fish, is amazing. It tastes fresh and the fish is not greasy or soggy. But if you are ready to venture outside of cheese or chili cheese fries then Kalbi Poutine is a must try. Braised short rib, beef demi gravy, blended cheeses, seasoned crema, scallions and house pickled onions on top of hot fries. What’s not to love?!


This often happens in my house, a half eaten muffin or a bitten cookie. This either means my baked goods are so delectable that you have to savor every bite, you know, make it last or they are just plain inedible! That or maybe we have a mouse in the house

I could not figure out how many points per serving because I tweaked the recipe a bit so I didn’t have any. I lost interest in the pancakes. That’s never happened before. WW has changed me.