This person sat in front of my mom in church this morning. FYI, my mom is a petite woman. I must say that his hair was very distracting. He wasn’t noisy nor did he have an offensive smell but his hair was enormous. It’s like Hagrid sat in front of her. I have never been distracted by hair while in church before. It’s usually noisy kids and grownups, people who fidget from the beginning until the end of service and women who wear inappropriate clothing such as teens who wear tube tops in the summer so when they sit down they look like they have nothing on who agitate me. This was a first for me. But, more power to him for embracing his fro. All are welcome after all in His house. I will have to be on the look out for him in church this summer. I don’t want to find out how big his hair can get when it’s humid. Well, OK, I’m kind of curious to see how poofy it can get.

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