Monthly Archives: March 2014

Still drawing

I filled my first sketchbook 2 weeks ago. I was quite proud! It’s filed with doodles and drawings, nothing spectacular, but it’s an accomplishment. One thing I learned about drawing is that it takes a lot of patience and dedication. I try to draw everyday because it does help. My drawings are not as wonky, my hands a little bit steadier. And I’m not afraid to draw anymore! It was specially hard to draw on the first page of my new sketchbook. I was so unsure, so judgmental of my ability. It’s important to get pass that and just relax and have fun with it. I’ve been drawing a lot of faces lately. My goal is to be able to draw a famous person well enough that people can guess who it is by just looking at the picture. The man in the photo (yes, that’s a man not a boy) is Paul Rudd (I know, looks nothing like him but I’m sure there’s a young man out there who looks like him). I’m specially proud of the eye though. It took me thirty minutes just to draw that one eye. It was worth it! I think it’s an awesome eye, don’t you think?

Oh Snow

Snow came and we oohed and aahed.
How pretty and festive
Then it kept coming along with the bitter cold. It was relentless.
We complained, adjusted, adapted, and life went on.
Soon spring will come and summer not far behind it.
Fall will follow and guess what?
We get to experience snow all over again.
Hopefully not so much of it this time.

I love, love my coffee. The weird thing is I don’t crave Starbucks or any other coffee house coffee. I enjoy coffee that I brew myself, at home. It’s nothing special I can assure you but there’s something comforting about sipping hot coffee from my own favorite mug while reading a book or my favorite blogs.It’s a ritual that I look forward to every single day.