Still drawing

I filled my first sketchbook 2 weeks ago. I was quite proud! It’s filed with doodles and drawings, nothing spectacular, but it’s an accomplishment. One thing I learned about drawing is that it takes a lot of patience and dedication. I try to draw everyday because it does help. My drawings are not as wonky, my hands a little bit steadier. And I’m not afraid to draw anymore! It was specially hard to draw on the first page of my new sketchbook. I was so unsure, so judgmental of my ability. It’s important to get pass that and just relax and have fun with it. I’ve been drawing a lot of faces lately. My goal is to be able to draw a famous person well enough that people can guess who it is by just looking at the picture. The man in the photo (yes, that’s a man not a boy) is Paul Rudd (I know, looks nothing like him but I’m sure there’s a young man out there who looks like him). I’m specially proud of the eye though. It took me thirty minutes just to draw that one eye. It was worth it! I think it’s an awesome eye, don’t you think?

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