Monthly Archives: April 2014

Portrait of a Bestie

A tribute of some sort to my friend of twenty years.

She with the kind and sensitive heart.
She with a knack for story telling which goes hand in hand perfectly with her gift for writing.
She who opens her heart and her home to all.
She who can make you laugh out loud.
She who listens and genuinely cares.
She who is an important part of my life.
I’m blessed.

I just realized as I was parading up and down the Easter candy aisles at Target that I have never had an Easter basket. Easter baskets, the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts were unheard of in the Philippines when I was growing up. Holy week was a seriously religious and solemn occasion. Businesses and schools shut down starting Holy Thursday so Wednesday was a huge shopping day for everyone. Come Holy Thursday. Good Friday and Black Saturday there’s no shopping, no public transportation, no regular broadcasting on TV and on the radio. I only remember watching The Ten Commandments every year. No rough housing is allowed, no laughing and no singing. In short, no fun is to be had during Holy week. Throughout this religious holiday we visit 7 or more churches to meditate on the Way of the Cross, join various processions including one where Christ’s body after being taken down from the cross is paraded around town and we also go to church at dawn on Easter Sunday for a re-enactment of Christ and His mother reuniting after His resurrection. We always had a big feast after church. Meat dishes were always involved since we haven’t eaten meat since Holy Thursday. So no Easter baskets, no Easter bunny or Easter eggs, just meat.

Let's Go!

Spring is here at last! It’s still a bit nippy but for me it’s perfect running weather. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running. It began two summers ago. I was initially scared which seemed ridiculous since running is a natural movement. You have legs, you can run! So with all the bravery I can muster I started running and walking. It was hard but I was proud of what my legs were able to do. I became more confident! That’s good right? Well, not in this case. I did too much too soon. I injured myself. I learned from it and so now I try to pace myself. I’ve been doing intervals lately (running/walking) because my focus is weight loss. I’ve been out running/walking with my husband for two weekends now. I’m tired, my heart feels like it’s about to pop out of my chest, I’m sweating in forty something weather but I feel so alive!
PS I would like to thank my husband for relentlessly dragging me outdoors to run/walk.

Back In The Pool

My highschooler decided to retire from track to focus more on swimming. This week is preseason workout week. Swim season will once again be in full swing starting next week. After a month off she is looking forward to spending lots of time with her swim friends, six days a week of intense practice (she’s a glutton for punishment, that one), and hopeful for a stronger season. What does this mean for me? I’m here for support, meals and transportation. Go blue and gold!!