I just realized as I was parading up and down the Easter candy aisles at Target that I have never had an Easter basket. Easter baskets, the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts were unheard of in the Philippines when I was growing up. Holy week was a seriously religious and solemn occasion. Businesses and schools shut down starting Holy Thursday so Wednesday was a huge shopping day for everyone. Come Holy Thursday. Good Friday and Black Saturday there’s no shopping, no public transportation, no regular broadcasting on TV and on the radio. I only remember watching The Ten Commandments every year. No rough housing is allowed, no laughing and no singing. In short, no fun is to be had during Holy week. Throughout this religious holiday we visit 7 or more churches to meditate on the Way of the Cross, join various processions including one where Christ’s body after being taken down from the cross is paraded around town and we also go to church at dawn on Easter Sunday for a re-enactment of Christ and His mother reuniting after His resurrection. We always had a big feast after church. Meat dishes were always involved since we haven’t eaten meat since Holy Thursday. So no Easter baskets, no Easter bunny or Easter eggs, just meat.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Holy Week

    1. beccabiscocho Post author

      It was fun reminiscing and sharing growing up stories with my teen. Glad you liked it.:)
      PS Did not get an Easter basket but ate tons of chocolate haystacks with mini Cadbury eggs.



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