Fair-weather Gardener

Fair-weather Gardener
I am a self-professed fair-weather gardener. I don’t mind digging, getting dirty, mulching, and frequenting the Home Depot in the springtime. A little chill or drizzle doesn’t bother me. I happily plant my annuals and my annual veggie and herb choices. However, come summertime when the mosquitoes are out in full force and the humidity makes my hair indescribable and unmanageable I am out. My gardening strategy? Keep it simple. Plants don’t take care of themselves. They need weeding and watering and the occasional de-bugging. I do dream of having a beautiful, lush garden. Maybe hire someone to do it? Well, it can get pretty expensive I’m sure and my teen made a pretty good point. If you hire someone else to do it then it’s really not your garden. Makes sense, right?

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