Monthly Archives: June 2014

So, it was a random Thursday evening when my hubby decided that we should go for a drive. He’s stressed out from work and he wants to take a break.  Me, the ever loving wife, suggested ice cream instead. Who wants to go for a ride in the car when you can have ice cream, right? 

We drove to our nearest Culver’s for a shared banana split and single scoop of vanilla with Oreos for my teen. Delicious, yes, relaxing, no. The place was filled with kids having dinner after a baseball game. Oh well.

Hubby wanted to go to Target to get a couple of things. What? Target on a Thursday night? Alrighty then. Then it happened. After picking up ten things, because let’s just face it, it’s Target, it started to pour. If the rain sounds scary loud while you’re inside a big building then you know it’s like Armageddon outside. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpour. 

Lesson learned? No more leaving the house for ice cream and a field trip to Target on some random weekday night. Yes.