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Sketchbook Skool HW

I recently enrolled in Sketchbook Skool. It is an art class co-founded by my favorite artist, Danny Gregory, who is also one of the teachers. I love this class because it is informal,fun, and is taught by some of the best artists. The community is very supportive which makes it less daunting for me to post my work.
Below is a sample of our homework. We were asked to draw our week like a diary but with illustrations. I was overwhelmed at first but I actually enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue the activity on my own. I will be drawing inside small boxes for now because big, white empty pages scare me. Haha…So far so good!


Conversation in kitchen while I’m cooking:

Hubby: Ooo, that’s good!

Me: How do you know it’s good I’m just sauteing garlic.

Hubby: Because it smells really good!

The smell of sauteing garlic IS heavenly. It brings back memories of my food-centered childhood. I remember eating garlicky fried rice with fried eggs,sausages,and dried fish. I also remember enjoying my favorite Filipino snack, peanuts deep fried in oil with lots and lots of whole garlic cloves. A huge serving of that greasy, salty, garlicky goodness along with a cold bottle of Coca Cola. So good.



– How hard can it be to draw feet? Turns out it’s kinda challenging. I need to practice drawing the human body. A lot.

– My first attempt at Zentangle. Love it! It’s a more relaxed way of drawing.


Bananas are my favorite fruit. Why you ask? You can eat them plain, with peanut butter, frittered, fried and baked into a delicious bread! And pudding-ed!
Fun banana facts:
– The banana itself is actually a berry.
– You can use the inside of a banana peel to polish patent leather.
– If you peel a banana from the bottom up you won’t get the string things.
– Bananas are naturally radioactive (Explanation too scientific,just take my word for it or Google it)
– Eating a banana can cheer you up! They are the only fruit to contain both tryptophan and vitamin B6 which together help the body produce seratonin.
Eat up!