Drawing Outdoors

The idea of drawing outside my home scares me a little. People have eyes so they can see and potentially judge! Well, I’m still the same insecure student artist so I ventured outside, on my patio, and drew a pumpkin and a couple of Million Bells blooms. It was such a fun experience. First of all, the weather was perfect, there were no bugs, and the breeze was blowing ever so slightly every now and then. The colors were more vivid and more complex. For example, the flowers were light purple, slightly darker purple, pink, a little bit white and yellow. Pictures are great but they’re flat so drawing real objects is a whole different experience. The pumpkin is a little iffy particularly the shape. It took me about an hour to complete my work but it was very enjoyable. I probably won’t be drawing out in public anytime soon because you know, teeny, tiny baby steps.


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