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Grid Drawing


I was re-introduced to the grid method of drawing yesterday when I came upon this blog called The Postman’s Knock. She drew the grids on the computer using Photoshop which I do not have. Basically what I did was draw grids on the reference picture and on my paper. The important thing to remember is that the grids must have a 1:1 ratio so that the finished drawing won’t appear distorted. I focused more on drawing lines, contours, and shapes instead of drawing a face. It’s not a difficult process but it does take a little bit of time. I might try some family portraits next time!


Squirelly bread is all sorts of healthy, good for you bread. It is made of sprouted whole grains and organic ingredients. It’s high in fiber, vegan and non GMO. That, however, is not the reason why I tried this bread. I am a sucker for cute packaging. I fell for the cute packaging. At least once a week I would glance in it’s direction sometimes giving it a little squeeze. You see, I am a bread squeezer. I love soft bread, bread that I can smush and roll. I am not the target demographic for Squirelly bread because it’s thick and dense. Long story short, I caved. I bought it, toasted it, and smeared peanut butter all over it and it is delicious.

Random Florals

Random Florals

Random Florals

It’s January in the Midwest. The holidays are over, you’ve watched the heck out of Netflix and you’re waiting to get motivated to tackle some housework. How about drawing? You don’t need any special tools or special skills to draw. And it is therapeutic as long as you don’t get too anal about it. I did some random florals using black card stock and colored pencils. You can use any kind of paper, pencils, colored pens, or crayons too. The flowers are abstract, just squiggles and lines. Go for it!