Monthly Archives: February 2015

Hits-the-Spot Wanton Soup


Soup is one of the the few good things about winter. I love, love that stuff. This soup is amazingly simple to make and so delicious.All you need are mini wantons or dumpling (any kind you like), broth (your choice), and black pepper. Boil the broth, drop wantons in pot, and add lots and lots of ground black pepper. Your tummy will thank you!

Tea Time


I discovered recently how water temperature can affect the taste of tea, boiling for black tea and almost boiling for green tea.
My favorite tea right now is Vanilla Comoro from Harney & Sons Fine Teas. It’s black tea with vanilla. I also like Egyptian Licorice from Yogi Tea. I’m not a fan of licorice but this tea is delicious. It’s sweet and does not taste at all like black licorice.