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Geneva Lake Shore Path


Memorial Day weekend called for one, yes one, beautiful day so we decided to take advantage and do something outdoors that did not involve planting and mulching. I consulted the always handy TripAdvisor and I found Geneva Lake Shore Path. It’s a 21 mile path that early settlers created just above the shoreline and is considered public domain. It was a unique and fun although a little strange experience. The paths were in people’s backyards so we felt a little uncomfortable crossing their backyards. We only walked 4 miles but we will be back for sure. I read there’s a white fence with hand written quotes on it. I would love to see that.


My favorite house.


My teen’s favorite house. It’s sprawling. She imagines the library wrapping around the pool.


This is just humongous. I would love to vacation here but not live in it. ¬†Doesn’t it look like a resort hotel?


Beautiful houses on one side and the lake on the other side. Just perfect.


Isn’t this cool? A house with a clock tower.

2015-05-23 (1)
We did see Lucca from afar. She is adorable. We also met three friendly pit bulls along the path.