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Drawing has always been a favorite childhood pastime which fell by the wayside when I became a mom . It seemed frivolous at the time. Now that my youngest is in highschool I have decided to revisit it. I am not by any means an artist just a person who loves to draw. I'm learning from books and artists who are generous enough to share their talents on YouTube.


Four years ago,  I began my journey back into drawing.  It was a long process muddled with frustration, impatience, loss of confidence and laziness. I finally reached that point where, no matter what the outcome, drawing has become a part of my every day. I have accepted my limitations but have not lost faith in my ability to do better.IMG_20180225_135845_275


A fond childhood memory, Sunday afternoons at the beach drinking warm Coca Cola from colorful plastic cups and listening to the crashing waves while staring at the dark sea on our way  home after sunset.IMG_20180214_103827_751


Very appropriate considering all the snow that has fallen so far within the past three days. I can appreciate its beauty from behind my window, not my car but from my home. The biting, cold air is a refreshing change from the stale, warm air indoors. A quick pop outdoors, take a few deep breaths and pop right back in.IMG_20180205_202942_207.jpg