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This took a while to draw. I wanted to work on proportions and shading. It’s a slow process. I don’t normally like to take my time while drawing but I see now what a difference it makes. Really seeing. Focusing on shapes, angles and not what my brain tells me what a certain object looks like. And negative space!MVIMG_20180127_110731.jpg



Very appropriate considering all the snow that has fallen so far within the past three days. I can appreciate its beauty from behind my window, not my car but from my home. The biting, cold air is a refreshing change from the stale, warm air indoors. A quick pop outdoors, take a few deep breaths and pop right back in.IMG_20180205_202942_207.jpg


This summer, I came upon this plant called Elephant Ears. They grew in abundance under the big, shady trees where we used to play as children in my grandparents’ home. Obviously, I bought it, two of them actually. One of them didn’t make it but the other one seems to be doing okay. It’s scrawny and some of the stems are floppy. I think it wants to be planted in the ground but it won’t survive the cold. So, it’s staying inside and I will continue to care for it the best that I can.