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View from Above
What we learned about competitive swimming:
– Swimmers are always in the pool (6 days a week- 2 hour practices).
– Swimmers can eat and eat and eat.
– Swimming teaches organization, discipline ,hard work and  responsibility.
– Being a swim parent means getting used to very warm indoor temps, the strong chlorine aroma and sitting and waiting for a long while only to cheer on your swimmer for a teeny fraction of that time.
– Just be supportive because swimming is hard.

PS The things that look like bats in the pool are swimmers.:)

First entry.
What I wore today.
I think it’s wise to invest in a few snazzy outerwear and boots. After all, that’s all people see most of the time. I change outfits everyday but as soon as I put on my black coat and brown boots no one can tell  I’m not wearing the same outfit underneath!  Maybe invest in different colored jeans too?  Too much effort for a trip to the store or sitting in the car outside of Carmel.

So, I am a forty something woman with womanly woes. I don’t know what to do about these woes. Exercise they say and sleep. Not enough. Enter Kari, my best friend of many, many years. She’s a brave and talented blogger and I personally think she should write a Dear Kari column. “Blogging is a great release,” she said. “Release is good but I can’t do it,” I said. Writing overwhelms me and every time I make an attempt I start censoring myself. No free flow. Way too much thinking going on. “I love drawing,” I said, “What can I do with that?” She says there are bloggers who draw in their blogs. I did some research and sure enough there’s an outlet for people like me. I can draw my story and maybe write a little bit here and there! Perfect. And so here we are.

Here is the link to bff Kari’s awesome blog http://www.agracefull-life.com/